Diseases examine the patience and there are very few individuals who remain courageous at the time of distress or illness. There are several diseases, which involve both men and women. Many of the diseases are found throughout the world, and their prevalence is various in different genders. Different types of health issues are specifically affecting the males only. The reason is that some organs and tissues are found in men, which help in the process of reproduction. Similarly there are certain other organs, which are found in a woman for the same purpose.

One of the major and most lethal illnesses among men is the prostate cancer. According to an estimate, this deadly cancer comes on the second number after lung cancer in men. According to the geographical distribution, prostate cancer is more prevalent in those regions which possess greater life expectancy. It shows that the frequency of prostate cancer is found more at old age. There are different theories regarding the onset and development of prostate cancer. One of the theories proposed that the cancer development in prostate happen due to over exposure of male hormone testosterone. As the age advances, the exposure from this hormone is increased and hence this cancer usually presented at old age. However; there are several cases in which the cancer has been found at young age as well.

There are several other risk factors, including chemicals, cigarette smoking, familial tendency and different environmental factors, which increase the chances for the development of prostate cancer. There are waging signs and symptoms of this cancer and in most of the cases the findings are incidental. An individual may experience various types of symptoms, however; a big number of individuals is there who have got prostate cancer without any obvious presentation. In most of the cases, the earliest sign could be difficulty in passing urine. Due to prostate cancer the size of prostate is increased and hence the urine tube is blocked. Due to the blocked urine tube, an individual may experience difficulty and pain while urination. He may also experience urgency and hesitancy. Another important symptom of prostate cancer is the passage of blood in urine. Sometimes an individual would be able to see the blood in urine, however; there are many cases in which the bleeding remains microscopic. Sometimes prostate cancer presents with weight loss, however; this symptom is not seen frequently.

The treatment of prostate cancer depends upon the stage of illness. During early stages, if the prostate cancer is detected, full treatment including surgery, radio and chemotherapy is given. The prognosis of this illness is better in early stages, however; in advanced cases, there are fewer chances for survival.

Another important and one of the commonest illnesses in men is the enlarged prostate, which is also called as BPH or Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia. This condition again happens due to over exposure or over activity of the prostate gland and in most of the cases it presents at old age. BPH is considered the physiological or normal enlargement of the prostate gland, and it is either treated by medicines or surgery. The common symptoms of BPH are same, which are found in prostate cancer. Since the prostate gland is enlarged, therefore; an individual use to get difficulty in passing urine, pain, frequency, urgency and residency.

An old age itself is the major sign of enlarged prostate. This condition could be diagnosed by physical examination. A doctor performs per rectal insertion of finger in order to feel the size of the prostate gland. There are some other investigations like Uroflowmetery and ultrasound prostate, which is used to diagnose the enlargement of the prostate gland.

The treatment modalities of BPH depend upon the condition and severity of illness. In mild to moderate enlargement patients are given different medicines like Finasteride, etc. which decrease the size of prostate and hence release the symptoms. In advanced cases when the prostatic enlargement doesn’t allow the usual passage of urine, surgery is recommended. The prognosis of BPH is excellent and a patient may attain early recovery after operation.

The third important illness of the prostate gland is called as prostatitis. This is an inflammation of the prostate gland which could happen due to several reasons, including, infections by bacteria or due to certain chemicals. Prostatitis may also result due to some other illnesses in the body. This kind of problem could happen at any age. Young individuals along with older people may present with prostatitis in the clinic. The usual presentation of this illness is frequency, burning in urine, urgency, pain at the region, swelling and fever, etc. History and examination are necessary in order to diagnose the case and the treatment is given according to the condition. In case of infections, antibiotics are also prescribed.

Reproductive health issues and erectile dysfunction are also common illnesses related to the male gender. Erectile dysfunction refers the inability to maintain the erection required for successful intercourse. It has been estimated that every individual suffers from erectile dysfunction at some stage in his life. More than 80% cases of erectile dysfunction are due to psychological problems. There are many individuals, who think that they are not able to perform a successful sexual act, and hence they develop anxiety and depression. Therefore; they remain unable to have a proper erection at the time of intercourse. Besides psychological causes of erectile dysfunction, there are different organic causes as well like the erection problem due to some chronic illness, diabetes mellitus, nerve problems, muscle weakness, etc.

There are different medicines, which are used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. These medicines are equally effective in both psychological and organic causes of this problem. Besides medications, an individual is required to get psychotherapy as well so that his mind would become cleared up from those thoughts which generate the erection problem.

In order to prevent all of these illnesses a man is required to leave the sedentary lifestyle. He should be careful about his mental and physical fitness. There are many illnesses, which occur due to improper diet, and hence it is required to take appropriate substances in food. A person should avoid over eating, taking high calorie and cholesterol diet, and he should consume more vegetables and proteins. The design of proper nutrition could be obtained from a nutritionist, who can make a plan for daily food items. By the help of a nutritionist, it becomes easier to manage the food items.

It is also required to live in a stress free life since in this era many of the illnesses related to the heart and brain are generated due to stressful life. This is the stress which also produces erectile dysfunction and weakens the immunity. According to the research prostate cancer and other types of illnesses are found more in those individuals, who spend stressful life. Light exercise is a good technique in order to decrease the stress from daily routines. Those individuals, who make their schedule to perform regular exercise use to get fewer problems related to their health. Exercise increases the stamina and provides refreshment. An individual remains active throughout the day, and he prevents himself from many lethal illnesses that could become dangerous for his life.

From early childhood we learn that men are different from women and it is evident and men’s health has its peculiarities which every men has to know to be strong, healthy and successful. We tried to collect the most useful tips for men to keep health up.